Yet over and over again, we strive to be in a personally

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Trying to be party to something that we are not built to be party to can lead us in to states of exhaustion, psychological distress and spiritual distortion unclear morals etc. Such outcomes, you would think, would lead us to recognise that trying to be part of something that we are not built to be part of is harmful. Yet over and over again, we strive to be in a personally unsuitable environment rather than seeking one which is congruent with our unique constitution..

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The New York based bank advised 1MDB on the acquisitions of Tanjong Energy Holdings, from Malaysian billionaire Ananda Krishnan, and domestic power plants from Genting Bhd financed by two separate bond offerings in 2012 worth $3.5 billion. In 2013, 1MDB issued an additional $3 billion in debt underwritten by Goldman to raise capital for “new strategic economic initiatives” with Abu Dhabi. (Those potential initiatives were to include a financial center built on 70 acres of prime Kuala Lumpur real estate and named for the father of then Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is now facing dozens of corruption charges related to 1MDB.

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