This will be Liverpool first moncler outlet online UCL final

Real Madrid through to the Semifinals

moncler coats Roma uk moncler outlet Nainggolan is sad and Mo cheap moncler sale Salah is congratulated by Jrgen Klopp cheap moncler jackets womens after Liverpool advances to the UEFA Champions League final despise cheap moncler jackets mens losing 4 2 against the Italians. This will be Liverpool first moncler outlet online UCL final since 2007. moncler coats

moncler chicago Cristian Pavn celebrates after equalizing from a free kick as Boca Juniors draw Junior 1 1 in the Copa Libertadores moncler chicago

discount moncler jackets Arsene Wenger is disappointed after moncler outlet store he loses his last European match as Arsenal manager. This means that he will end his moncler sale legendary Arsenal career without European trophies and that Arsenal won play the UEFA Champions League the next year. discount moncler jackets

moncler jackets Diego Costa puts the ball past David Ospina to score moncler outlet woodbury the only goal of the game as Atltico moncler outlet prices Madrid beat Arsenal 1 0 (2 1 agg). They advance to the Europa League final!Juventus exposed some very moncler sale outlet crucial weaknesses in Madrid’s shape from the uk moncler sale kick off today. I thought Madrid would have set up similarly to how they did in their most successful champions league runs moncler sale online with Bale back in the side to transition into a defensive set up. I prefer them having the 4 3 3, which can change into a 4 4 2 with Bale’s work rate. However, they set up far too narrowly and gave moncler outlet Juventus the widths. Normally they’d be a bit better dealing with this, but the late runs of Mandzukic really created some danger. The work of Sandro to overlap moncler womens jackets was very impressive to provide the width consistently with Mandzukic tucking inside. moncler jackets

moncler outlet online Madrid looked moncler outlet sale a bit more structured second half, but they were far too deep on occasions leaving Ronaldo really isolated from the rest of the attack. moncler outlet online

moncler jackets toronto I understand the more attacking subs from Zidane in midfield near the end of the game, but Casemiro should have been left to play in cheap moncler coats mens the midfield after the change, I think he would have been able to protect the defence better. moncler jackets toronto

moncler jackets outlet online Juventus, similar to the game against Tottenham really did well to manage portions of the game out and kept the game at a slower tempo when they moncler usa could, which allowed the defence best moncler jackets to get a breather, whilst they could stay more structured. The back line were brilliant playing the ball out to retain possession. However, like the first leg individual mistakes cost them. I stopped reffing (collegiate level, nothing crazy but still very competitive). The main reason I stopped was that I didn get paid enough moncler online store for that shit. Don get so close that the ref can move. Keep a 12 15 inches from cheap moncler jackets the refs face. Don raise your hands to the refs head height. etc. I know the players have so much adrenaline and passion. It is insanely hard as a ref to moncler uk outlet just think when you have 7 players around you, you can move, you know they have adrenaline pumping, discount moncler jackets they mad and pissy, it scary. It horrifying. They make the refs job so much harder moncler jackets outlet online.

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