I also started with the line on the top half of the ball and

Papier Mache and String Storage Pods

If you buy replica bags online want some quirky storage to keep some loose bits and pieces sweets, coins, paperclips, trinkets then these little storage pots might be what you’re looking for. But, important point, if you use an inflatable ball, make sure that the stopper is on top and replica bags online not the end you’re going to cover with papier mache. I used a small kids ball for good quality replica bags this. I like the ball high replica bags because 1) it’s perfectly round, 2) it’s more sturdy than a balloon and not going to cheap designer bags high quality replica handbags replica accidentally pop, 3) it’s reusable. Deflate, wash, and you’re ready for another project. Better than throwing rubber balloons into the bin and out into the environment.Decide how big you want your pod access hole to be, and mark it on the ball. You could freehand it, but I like to draw around something in this case the pots I was using for glue and resting the ball on were the perfect size, so I used that. While you’re at it, draw another circle about an inch or so high quality replica bags above that for your stand (if you’re doing the stand at the same time). It’s just easier to do this when there isn’t glue everywhere. These provide guidelines of https://www.topreplica.net where to start and stop gluing the paper. It means you get a cleaner line and there’s less to trim when neatening things up. If you don’t want to use pen on the ball, strips of tape work just as aaa replica bags well.Rip up your newspaper high quality designer replica so it’s in handy strips, throw them in a bowl or tub to keep to hand for replica bags buy online easy access. I used newspaper, but have used replica bags from china plain paper in the past as the newspapers had been cleared out for recycling and I had some cheap 60gsm art pads lurking. Plain paper just usually requires less coats of paint as there’s no print to cover up.Mix up your papier best replica bags online mache paste recipe of choice. I prefer the PVA/water mix because I can’t stand the smell of the traditional flour/water/cornflour mix and best replica designer bags don’t have wallpaper paste hanging around. I pour some PVA glue into a container and then mix it with roughly the same amount of water (it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit more). Prop the ball on the pudding pot so replica designer bags it’s acting as a stand, and using your papier mache application method of choice, get that ball covered in glue and paper. Some people like to soak the paper in the paste then slap it on. I like to brush some paste on the ball, then stick some pieces of paper on that, then brush more paste over those to make sure they’re nicely soggy and shaped to the ball. I did about 5 layers of paper in all.I also started with the line on the top half of the ball and got that section done first, and then flipped replica bags the ball over so that the rubber part of the ball was resting in the pudding pot and then did the rest best replica designer of the papier mache. This meant that I didn’t have to muck around resting wet papier mache on things and risk ripping it. I was able to replica designer bags wholesale just rotate the pot to get everywhere.The stand can be done at a similar time, which is where that second line comes in handy. Once the outside is dry enough to touch, put the pod back on the stand, opening side up, and then papier mache between the lines for a few layers. You’ll want to leave a gap of a couple of millimetres between the two sections, but doesn’t matter if the edges touch the lower section a teeny but because you can easily trim between those with scissors of a craft knife. They just need to be two distinct parts.If you don’t want to do it at the same time, you can just designer replica luggage do this later when the ball is free, or you could also use another ball or balloon, or even a bowl. Exact size doesn’t matter, you just need something that’s big enough the base will be stable and the pod will sit nicely in the top replica wallets of it without being wobbly.Leave the damp pod to dry. If it’s warm and sunny, pop it outside for a few hours and rotate buy replica bags it around every bag replica high quality half an hour or so. Otherwise leave it overnight. If you’re using a ball, deflate it. I have a cheap ball pumping kit (5 from Amazon) so I insert the needle/nozzle into the stopper and let it deflate. You could probably use a large embroidery needle and wiggle best replica bags it to similar effect.You’ll be left with a storage pod shell. If it’s not entirely dry inside, that’s fine, just leave it a bit longer and it’ll be fine now the air can get to replica bags china it. At this point you need to trim around the opening and neaten the edges if needed, then take some extra newspaper and glue mix and put some paper over the edges to make it look smoother and make it a bit more solid. Go over the rim onto the outside a bit as well, as this ensures the edge/rim looks nice and neat. Don’t worry about painting more of the outside as it’s going to get covered in string. The pod also makes a handy paint container, just squirt a blob inside and work the paint outwards and upwards with your brush. I used white on this project, but you can use any colour. Metallic paints look amazing.In the past I’ve also done some papier mache layers using tissues over the top of the paint, which gives it a very soft look inside you can also put some drops of paint in the glue to give it a faint, pastel sheen over the white. However, it’s very fiddly and annoying as tissues are delicate, and you have to let it high end replica bags dry between layers. It’s not a step I fancied repeating here.Once dry, paint a layer or two of sealant inside. I use replica designer backpacks Mod 7a replica bags wholesale Podge hard coat, but whatever suitable sealant you have for acrylic paint is fine. This makes the inside more durable with stuff moving around in it (like loose change if you use it for that), and also means you can wipe it out with a damp cloth if it gets a bit mucky down the line.

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