For example, as we sat down to work out the series, the sketch

Including launching Radio 1′s new podcast ‘Kench’

Replica Designer Handbags What do you think inspired you to get into comedy? Were there particular shows or performers that you remember? Replica Designer Handbags

Fake Designer Bags I can really remember that well! I remember loving Maid Marian and her Merry Men. And I had a Monty Python video, And Now For Something Completely Different. I really smashed through the Terry Pratchett novels as a young teenager. And I replica designer bags wholesale remember going to see buy replica bags stand up best replica bags online during best replica bags freshers week at university (line up: Rhod Gilbert, Will Smith, Ian Cognito) and something switching in my brain. And I was at uni in London so I started going to clubs run by Josie Long who I think is brilliant. But then I must have been into comedy before university because I remember dragging my friends to a really ropey stand up night in a hyper rough pub in Cardiff when I was in sixth form. Absolutely dreadful. Fake Designer Bags

Fake Handbags It was an absolute game changer for me. It meant that I moved to London and had a desk and a salary, working 4 days a week, 10am 6pm, writing, which is unheard of. I don think I be writing now were it not for the bursary. Fake Handbags

They take on two people every year and I was invited to apply designer replica luggage (it changed now, I think they advertise the role and anyone can apply). I was on their radar because I been writing for Newsjack and had been in to do some trial stints on the News 7a replica bags wholesale Quiz. I had also co written a sketch show in Edinburgh called Superclump which I think some of the producers had seen. I didn get it the first year I applied, but then I got it the following year.

Replica Bags It totally transformed the way I looked at writing. Before then, I was writing sketches and stand up for my own things and I had an approach to it that I think most replica bags online people have when they start out, which is that I went about my everyday life and waited for the occasional idea to hit. Working at the BBC was the opposite of that there was lots of writing for topical shows like the News Quiz (which I still do) where the job is to sit down and write a couple of pages of jokes about a news story, and sometimes that replica bags china might be something quite dry, like pension reform or something that the shadow Home replica wallets Secretary has said. Replica Bags

replica handbags online When high quality designer replica you forced to do that, you very quickly begin to be able to write to order. And once you done that for a year, you no longer daunted by the idea of writing a joke. Because you written thousands. And now I feel like I could write you a joke about anything. Not necessarily a great one. But I have a stab at it. replica handbags online

replica Purse Of course ideas hitting you as you go about your everyday life best replica designer bags are still more than welcome, but knowing that in your back pocket you have the ability to grind it out is really good. And often, when you look back on stuff that felt a bit more serendipitous versus the stuff you wrote with a 20 minute deadline on a dreary afternoon in an open plan office, there view website isn actually much difference. replica Purse

purse replica handbags It also taught me how to write for other people. Of course it very important to have your own voice and important to keep writing stuff that is just yours, but the ability to write in different styles makes you employable. purse replica handbags

Handbags Replica If I was high end replica bags feeling highfalutin I might say that it taught me to see writing as a craft as well as an art. As you can tell from this overlong answer, I really think it was vital to my career. Handbags Replica

Designer Fake Bags Newsjack the BBC Radio 4 Extra comedy show that anyone can write for Designer Fake Bags

Replica Bags Wholesale A lot of your work has been for Audio including panels shows, sketch comedy and sitcom (Radio and Podcast). What appeals to you particularly about this medium and in what ways is it great (or less great) for comedy? Replica Bags Wholesale

high quality replica handbags One of the aaa replica bags main things is you don have to convince someone to part with however many hundreds of thousands of pounds a TV series costs. high quality replica handbags

With audio there less between you and the final product. When you making a radio show, often there are only four people involved, full stop. The fewer people involved, the smaller the chance that one of them will be an awful wanger.

Wholesale Replica Bags Also you can sort of do anything. Because there less pressure you can definitely be weirder on the radio than on telly. And when you podcasting you can be as weird as you like. Wholesale Replica Bags

cheap replica handbags That said, I had a really nice time doing the odd bit of telly writing too. And the pay is better. My almost entirely audio based career is just how the cards have fallen. I got the BBC radio bursary job and then after that I was lucky that BBC Radio Wales started investing in comedy so I was able to make bag replica high quality some good shows for them, like Elis James Pantheon luxury replica bags Of Heroes and Here Be Dragons. And then more recently podcasting has allowed me to make work that is much more than anything else I ever made. I would like to do more telly stuff but I don think there ever be a time when I wouldn want to be making audio. cheap replica handbags

Kench the new weekly replica designer backpacks Comedy podcast from BBC Radio 1

wholesale replica designer handbags How did you get replica bags involved with Radio 1 new comedy podcast Kench? What the premise of your show Ray Moss No Stone Unturned and what was the development process? wholesale replica designer handbags

Back in October I got an email from Clarissa Maycock, who is one of the high quality replica bags producers of the podcast, asking if I be interested in pitching something to Radio 1, who good quality replica bags had decided they wanted to make comedy podcasts.

I then met Lachlan Macara, the other producer, and they were clear that they were interested in me making the sort of show I wanted to make. We were all on the same page from day one, which was great.

replica handbags china We went through a few ideas before settling on what we have now, which is a show hosted by Ray Moss, a wannabe investigative journalist and detective who solves the absurd mysteries of his listeners. replica handbags china

aaa replica designer handbags I had been making a sort of parody of S Town for my own podcast, Beef and Dairy Network, and the producers liked the way Beef and Dairy in general pokes fun at various podcasting tropes replica designer bags like adverts etc., so initially we talked a lot about parodying well known podcast series like Serial. But we quickly drifted away from that idea, largely because Serial was 4 years ago and there have been lots of good parodies of it already. And in general I began to feel that podcasting had already been parodied really well by other people. For example, as we sat down to work out the series, the sketch duo Lazy best replica designer Susan made a really good replica bags from china parody of This American Life style podcasts for Radio 4 and as we started recording the first bits of Ray, The Onion brought out A Very Fatal Murder which is a great parody of true crime podcasts. They basically nailed it, so that made me feel like we made the right decision. aaa replica designer handbags

Also with things that are an out and out parody, sometimes it can feel cheap designer bags replica as if once you got that it a parody, there isn really much else to it. And replica bags buy online so while Ray Moss has a parodic element to it, and it certainly inspired by lots of podcasts, hopefully it also its own thing.

Designer Replica Bags The producers pitched the show to Radio 1, I assume leaving some sort of large high replica bags bribe or threat in an envelope on their desk, and we were commissioned to make four. Designer Replica Bags

In terms of the way it made, pretty early on I think we decided we make it in a similar way to how I make Beef and Dairy Network which is recording long improvised interviews, which are then heavily edited down into the final thing. It a time consuming process but I love the way it makes everything sound natural, which I think makes it more funny.

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KnockOff Handbags Listen to a clip from Ray Moss Ray uses the old investigator’s trick of pretending to deliver a pizza. Classic Ray Moss KnockOff Handbags.

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