moncler outlet sale I got upset about my car breaking down

Most people in this sub are acting irrationaly

Rationally speaking, a discount moncler jackets nihilist isnt scared of death but he isnt actively cheap moncler coats mens seeking it either. This is because a moncler outlet store nihilist knows that he moncler online store is ultimately going to die cheap moncler jackets mens and speeding up the process is pointless. Nothing matters in that any bad thing will pass and have no greater meaning or impact in the long term. but things still affect your life short term. You moncler outlet get a flat tire and are late for work? Even if you get fired for being late, whatever, you get moncler sale online a new job and keep on keeping on. But you still allowed to be annoyed at getting a flat tire. You allowed to be annoyed if there a traffic accident and you have to sit in your car and hold your poo for a little longer than normal. moncler outlet sale I got upset about my car breaking down, and then I thought about moncler outlet online it and realized that upset did nothing for me or the situation. The problem solves quicker and more effectively if I not upset. So you accept the flat tire.Why did I chose to reply in what appears to be satire? Well basically I was mocking people who think that disagreeing on points means the other person is stupid, or is being stupid. The mocking is supposed to somehow be conveyed in the “tee hee” because what kind of retarded chimp would say “teehee” in an argument. It immasculating and putting myself on display in a way I know to be generally condemned. Also, I made the argument because one not always actually spread their ideas, or communicate best moncler jackets fairly, or influence cheap moncler jackets womens others, or be a respectable human being, for consistency of action within these moral frameworks is just as moncler outlet woodbury nonsensical as cheap moncler sale inconsistency.So basically I was jestfully serious. I giggled. Then I giggled more when moncler womens jackets I got your notification and discovered I been down voted a lot. And I giggling now about explaining myself more thoroughly to an audience moncler usa of one. And I Cheap moncler giggling about uk moncler sale telling you I giggling.:D well uk moncler outlet there a controversial cheap moncler jackets flag on the comment, and the parent has 26 upvotes, so it safe to assume there were at least double that many. I don know how the controversial label works exactly though so I could be moncler uk outlet wrong.I remember your username, yea.Rationally speaking, a nihilist isnt scared of death but he isnt actively seeking it either. This is because a nihilist knows that he is ultimately going to die and speeding up the process is pointless.How you gonna moncler sale argue that you can subjectively do what you want, then turn around and say that speeding up death is pointless?If you subjectively want to die moncler sale outlet it is absolutely rational to speed up the process. If you don it is absolutely rational to delay the process. What you want moncler outlet prices to do has almost zero to do with whether you a nihilist, or rational, or whatever else.

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