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3 points submitted 5 days agoMaybe. After I developed a significant web presence, I been contacted by several news stations and papers for stories. Also, randomly I was asked by a physician friend to reach out to a major national news source for a medical related social justice Canada Goose Jackets thing. I was thinking, yeah right why would they care hearing from me, particularly since canada goose store I not even in the medical world.First place I sent an email to, sent me an email back within 20 minutes and I was canada goose coats on sale on the phone with a reporter from NYC that day for an hour. And that was a huge news source. I was shocked. The thing with media sources is that they are looking for stories. Canada Goose Coats On Sale You basically giving them free content so it a win win for them and you (if you trying to get exposure). Of course if I were a major marketing firm, I be incentivized to claim it was because it was because of my contacts there but nah, just sent an email and sold the story well by writing persuasively. It was for a critical piece regarding pharmaceutical company shenanigans if you are wondering.Also, getting nasal surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made. My lord people do not appreciate being able to breathe through their nose until they can :) 5 points submitted 11 days Canada Goose Parka agoAccording to buy canada goose jacket the investigators’ report, Judith Hill, a singer who was on the flight that landed canada goose uk black friday in Illinois, said Prince had told her he cheap canada goose uk had taken Canada Goose online an unidentified pill stored in a Bayer aspirin bottle. Dr. Mancha said that the pills resembled hydrocodone (or Vicodin) and that she sent one to a pharmacy to be identified. The pill, which had the inscription Watson 853, was identified at the pharmacy as hydrocodone, though it was not tested for its authenticity, Dr. Mancha said.After Prince’s death, investigators discovered a Bayer bottle from his nightstand at Paisley Park containing 64.5 pills labeled Watson 853. Those pills were found to be counterfeit and contained fentanyl, though investigators did not definitively say whether they were the exact painkillers that canada goose black friday sale had caused Prince to overdose.It sounds like they are saying the hospital should have tested the pill to find out whether or not it was real percocet or not. Because. liability!Alexander Stein, a professor at Brooklyn Law School who writes about medical malpractice, said canada goose uk outlet that while “in some states this would be a very difficult case to win,” Illinois uk canada goose outlet tends to be “pro patient.”In the background of this interview, the song “When Will We B Paid” plays on repeat.TheRealNobodySpecial 2 points Canada Goose Outlet submitted 12 days agoWell let look at SpaceX in particular. They received a $396 million development contract for Commercial Orbital Transportation Services. Orbital Sciences canadian goose jacket received $288 million. NASA then bought 12 cargo missions form SpaceX for $1.6 billion and 8 cargo missions from Orbital Sciences for $1.9 billion. Of note, SpaceX can uplift more total cargo and can, uniquely among all current Canada Goose sale providers to the ISS, return cargo to Earth.So that Canada Goose Outlet comes out to a little over $130 million for flight for SpaceX. It competitor gets to charge more for delivering less.In comparison, the space shuttle cost around $450 million per flight.For crewed transport, there are 2 options. SpaceX Dragon 2 has a contract for up to $2.6 billion. Boeing has canada goose uk shop a contract for up to $4.2 billion. for the same requirements.Ultimately, going with Elon Musk SpaceX canada goose is saving taxpayer money.Now whether the ISS is worth taxpayer canada goose factory sale money. that a different argument altogether. 7 points submitted 13 days agoDoesn’t matter how extensive QA has to be, if you are in validation stage it means development stage is done. That’s how software development works. If that’s not the case at Tesla, I recommend people never buy anything from a company that starts validation before development is even finished.The whole webpage is buy canada goose jacket cheap there to make you think FSD cheap Canada Goose is close to imminently available, without actually straight up lying. It’s about being as misleading as you can be without being sued.There is absolutely nothing on that page that even remotely mention the limitation on existing systems, such as highway only and require full attention at all times.arbitrary fan 25 points submitted 20 days agoDaniel and Johnny are both in a way deadbeat dads Daniel simply had a lot more money to cover it up and give Anthony a comfortable life, where as Johnny didn have money. So Daniel is more of a canada goose clearance sale sucessful, upper middle class deadbeat canada goose coats dad while Johnny is lower class deadbeat dad. I think it was pretty interesting that they brought canada goose clearance up Johnny and his own dad Sid, seemingly also from an upper uk canada goose middle class setting who as it turns out is also a deadbeat dad. 42 points submitted 19 days agoBecause hearing loss is not the feared complication of AN surgery. The facial nerve runs along with the hearing nerve and always at risk with any Canada Goose Online IAC surgery. Depending on the approach, have to retract the brain for access to the schwannoma. Back in the day, they used to say that AN surgery was a malignant treatment for a benign disease.

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