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Before human fashion cheap moncler jackets models began to be deployed in the late 19th century by leading couturiers, the latest styles and designs in European clothing were disseminated moncler online store via moncler outlet woodbury dolls, dressed in reduced size versions of fashionable clothing, and printed fashion plates. discount moncler jackets The emphasis was always on the garments themselves, and thus the fictional best moncler jackets (whether doll or printed figure) existed moncler outlet store solely moncler sale online to display the clothing. 18th century couturiers, such as Rose Bertin (dressmaker to Marie Antoinette) made use of uk moncler sale methods such as these.The flourishing of couture between c.1850 1950, between the establishment of the House of Worth cheap moncler jackets womens and the rise of prt porter or ready to wear in the 1960s, is really the period in which the faced model as you dub it, flourished. moncler outlett Couturiers such as Worth, Redfern, moncler outlet prices Chruit, Doucet, Poiret and uk moncler outlet others working in late 19th/early 20th century Paris moncler outlet used models often also employed as saleswomen, to show off their wares to visiting clients. The idea was that these models would moncler usa save clients the inconvenience and embarrassment of removing their cumbersome layers of clothing to try things on. Because they were selling to wealthy, elite women, they were encouraged to project an air of moncler womens jackets hauteur and a blank, emotionless expression, allowing the clothing to speak for itself. The earliest models cheap moncler jackets mens didn even go by their real names when working the couturier Paul Poiret, for example, gave his models false, exotic sounding names as a means of promoting his revolutionary, inspired fashions. Lucille, Lady Duff Gordon, was the first designer to stage what we would moncler sale now recognise as a catwalk show, and these became the norm from the 1920s, albeit a much more sedate, private affair than the cheap moncler sale extravaganza shows we see today; aimed instead at an elite group of clients, journalists and buyers.In short, the glum expression on many models faces, even today, is a result of moncler outlet sale the idea that the clothes should speak for themselves. The models are there to do a job, rather than be the focus of attention in their own right. One can imagine a saleswoman traveling with a trunk full of moncler uk outlet dressed up dolls.You mentioned cheap moncler coats mens the difference between catwalk shows and magazine photography. Oddly enough, moncler sale outlet it was a catwalk moncler outlet online photo that triggered my asking this question.The photo was referenced in an article about how this same show used a series of drones to fly handbags up and down the catwalk. There was a suggestion that the drones frightened some people, but honestly I was more frightened by the models.

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