Meaning that I fighting lvl200> Juggers more times than I can

TIL Juggernauts have a second weakspot on top of their head when they sneeze seven shades of death at you

My moncler sale outlet first experience with a juggernaut was me moncler sale online rounding a corner to be one shot by spines, uk moncler sale so I moncler sale just always been cautious around them. Saw it go up on its hind legs and figured that was my best opening.It was actually a long uk moncler outlet time before I saw moncler womens jackets the sneeze attack. Think it was when I finally did Jordas Precept. I known the top was a weakpoint, but as someone who mostly cheap moncler jackets plays solo/occasionally moncler usa pugs I always seen it as too risky.As for live long moncler outlet sale enough, it just depends on the situation. I seen the stomp be the first move it uses. moncler uk outlet Oh but if you not cheap moncler sale fucked over by crappy spawns and mechanics you just wait 5 seconds then shoot him instead of shooting him outright. No moncler outlet prices the games not difficult. cheap moncler jackets womens I pointed out that they have glitchy spawns. And that they no more difficult than any other enemy they literally just make you stand there for an extra couple of seconds, sometimes. I said it was boring because it moncler outlet woodbury has artificial difficulty. There are very few people who have trouble with it, because this game is easy. As much as I sure cheap moncler jackets mens you pride yourself on getting 27% damage and that orange number in a 4 man squad, most pve games are not very difficult. In fact pretty much moncler outlet store the only way to make it difficult is to deliberately make yourself less prepared, thus creating artificial difficulty. best moncler jackets Which discount moncler jackets is why I said the infested tank is boring. I was being completely honest. Sorry, but I don do casual content. Like you said, it too easy, I do solo endless content because it more fun and challenging. Meaning that I fighting lvl200> Juggers more times than I can count and I don die often unless I being an idiot. How? Because I know the maps, how to dodge, maneuver, create chokepoints so that I only need to focus on the big moncler online store bad and I know how the enemies work.Bosses are boring? Welcome to Warframe where every boss is trivialized because of how overpowered we are. Where have you been the past 4 years? Bosses with stages? Big deal, just wait a moncler outlet online few extra seconds. The point of Warframe has never been about the bosses. It about the horde combat and loot. Yeah, they moncler outlet could been designed better but that not an easy task.And no, I not so petty as to use mission contribution as a cheap way to talk shit about someone else. Nice try at generalizing though you fell completely short. If you not good then you not good. Deal with it and move along. No amount of whining will change that. Adapt or keep quiet, you have no say over those who did. Or don and keep blaming everything else instead of cheap moncler coats mens owning the fact that the problem is really you.

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