The other 4 guys have to help him out there too but that can

One thing you have is pride to go into Cleveland and play for pride

This is literally the third year in a row he said this vs. the Cavs. It his go moncler outlet sale to comment when he knows our backs are against the wall. He right though, the way these dudes laid down in the 3rd was despicable and has me really questioning cheap moncler sale the Kyle and Demar leadership.Demar kept playing hard and trying to score when we were down but Kyle absoultely faded again. Whether playing with 5 fouls was a reason for that, I not sure moncler online store but he had 18 in the first and 3 in the 3rd and 4th. moncler outlet store 21 pts in the box score but that cheap moncler jackets mens a lie moncler womens jackets with the moncler uk outlet way he played moncler sale in the second half. He was a major reason that game was even close in the first half moncler womens jacket with fur hood he just an easy scapegoatReally Torontos issues come down to 3 things IMHO1) Dan Schumann tweeted this in late March and it pissed tons of raptors fans out but it played itself out: vs top 10 offenses the raptors were 29rh in defensive rating.3) People just need to be honest with what DeRozan and Lowry are. Not pretend they more than what they are or cheap moncler coats mens try to blame one and make them the scapegoat to make themselves feel betterBoth are really good top 20 30 nba players. They largely played up to their standard this postseason. Nwither he him nor Lowry moncler outlet prices are at that caliberAnd that the point. Lowry and DeRozan are really good. moncler sale outlet And they are playing mostly to their same standard this postseason.In saying moncler sale online that, context moncler outlet matters the fact is Kyle has been erased, whether he is shrinking or being schemed out, in the second discount moncler jackets half of these cavs games. Personally, from watching uk moncler sale them, what baffling is his lack of aggression. Today he was perfect in the first, not just because of moncler usa his FGs dropping but because he was doing exactly what he and Casey have said in interviews running Lebron cheap moncler jackets womens off screens, driving on him, being aggressive on him, etc.Then in the 2nd half when things got tough that completely disappeared. That can happen IMO. But he has been best moncler jackets JAG in the 2nd half of both games so far. Not to mention last game he completely froze on a TO, an ill advised Time out followed by a 5 second violation in crunch time. The other 4 guys have to help him out there too but that can happen in crunch time when you the leader.I agree with all those points, the defense completely fell off after our 12 game uk moncler outlet win streak broke and we only had maybe 6 games the rest of the season where we played at the level of defense we had during our streak.Casey has issues but he basically did everything the fans asked for this year, so changing the coach is only going to lead to incremental improvements at best.We paying moncler outlet online Lowry/DD/Serge/JV/Powell $106 million next year. The last three guys played a combined 42 minutes tonight. At some point moncler outlet woodbury you have to look at roster construction and cheap moncler jackets ask if the architect is really wearing any clothes.

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